Veneer Types

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Veneer Types offered at Darlington Veneer Company:

ROTARY The log is mounted in a lath and turned against the knife much like unwinding a roll of paper ROTARY SAMPLE
QUARTER SLICED The log is mounted so that the knife cuts the growth rings at right angles, producing a straight grain appearance QUARTER SLICED  SAMPLE
RIFT CUT Rift cut veneer is produced in various species of oak. By cutting at a slight angle off quarter, the flake figure of the medullary rays are avoided RIFT CUT SAMPLE
PLAIN SLICED (flat cut)
PLAIN SLICED The half log or flatch is mounted so that the cut is parallel to the growth rings. This type of cut produces a cathedral figure PLAIN SLICED SAMPLE
HALF-ROUND SLICED This method of cutting is on an arc roughly parallel to the center of the log HALF-ROUND SLICED SAMPLE