About Us

Darlington Veneer Co. serves an array of wholesale distributors, fine furniture manufacturers, kitchen cabinet manufacturers, architectural millwork manufacturers, boat manufacturers and other OEM firms.
Darlington Veneer Co. is dedicated to providing a high quality product that sets the standard for consistent and dependable service. Decades of knowledgeable production and engineering expertise are merged with modern manufacturing techniques resulting in a superior product. Primary goals are continuous improvement of practice and skill along with personal attention to customer satisfaction.


Darlington Veneer Company opens as a single ply veneer mill. Logs purchased from local farmers are converted on a rotary lathe. One of the first customers is Radio Corp of America/Victor Talking Machines. (15 employees)


Mechanical advancements increase quality and Ford Motor Company chooses Darlington for their vehicle detailing.


Veneer furniture is fashionable and the business responds. Lids for cigar boxes for America Tobacco Company are a staple as well. Creating stock panels for the building trade begins.


Darlington is called on for the war effort. Plywood is shipped by carload for the next several years for the building of Liberty ships!


After the war, with machinery available again, complete modernization of the plant takes place. Building trades flourish.


Darlington acquires the tradename Permawood. “V” groove paneling begins as millions of homeowners choose this style.


Modernization continues. Pre-finished panels and country wide shipping boost sales. (200 employees) Purchasing of timberland begins and new species acquired. Darlington Veneer Co. emerges as a premier supplier to builders, architects, and craftsmen across the nation.


Additional pressing and sanding capacity added.


New sawing and sanding equipment added.


Long Standing Leader
Darlington Veneer Co., is one of the oldest and most successful manufacturers of quality hardwood plywood products in the nation, and a longstanding leader in environmental safety and conservation. Lifetimes of dedication (some employees number over 40 years in service!) have gone into the creation of outstanding products currently available.YOUR projects, buildings, and creative endeavors deserve the very best.